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Engine Tune Up & Repair Services

Tune-ups for a majority of the cars on the road today have changed from the services that were performed in past decades. Changing the spark plugs out and replacing the air filter are still important to the overall performance of your vehicle, but there are additional components of your car’s engine that should be included in an engine tune-up, and are just as important.

Computers control many mechanical functions on modern cars, and you need an auto repair service that can accurately diagnose and remedy any issues identified. Or, you might be receiving a warning from your vehicle, and need to have the check engine light repaired or inspected.

At the AAMCO Total Car Care Service center in Milpitas, we perform diagnostics with the latest equipment, and perform an Initial Vehicle Check (IVC) of all your automobile’s critical systems. Our service technicians are up-to-date on car manufacturers’ maintenance and service recommendations, and can help you keep your car operating at its peak performance.

Our tune-up services also include:

  • New spark plug installation and inspection of spark plug wires
  • Idle adjustment
  • Setting the timing to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Throttle and linkage inspection
  • Distributor cap inspection, if equipped
  • Drivability and performance check
  • Inspection and adjustment of fuel combustion system, to ensure fuel efficiency

If your car requires engine repair, you can trust the AAMCO team of experts to complete the job quickly and professionally in the most cost-effective way. Use our convenient online form and set up an appointment for your AAMCO tune-up or repair today.



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