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Clutch Service and Repair

Clutches on modern vehicles are durable and often have a service life of around 75,000 miles. However, driving habits and vehicle use can cause damage to your clutch over time, and it may need a replacement as a result. At AAMCO in Milpitas, we offer total clutch repair and services.

All manual transmissions require a clutch, while automatic transmissions have torque converters instead. With automatic transmissions, there are manufacturer recommended maintenance tasks and transmission-related inspections that should be followed at specific mileage levels of the vehicle. AAMCO also offers full automatic transmission services.

Here are the signs that the clutch for your manual transmission needs to be inspected and serviced:

  • There is a burning smell present when you push on the clutch.
  • The clutch has a soft or spongy feel when you push down on the pedal.
  • Your car shakes when you engage the clutch.
  • Shifting is not smooth, especially in first gear or reverse.

Vehicles used to haul heavy loads are more susceptible to clutch issues. The increased weight of hauling boats and trailers puts more weight on the clutch, causing additional heat, friction, and stress to the clutch.

Regularly serviced transmissions and clutches have a longer service life. Choose AAMCO for all your transmission and clutch service needs. Use our online form to schedule an inspection, or call and speak with one of our experienced transmission repair specialists.



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