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Brake Service and Repair Services

Do I Need Brake Service?

Fortunately, your vehicle will give you a fair warning when you need brake repair service in Milpitas, CA. Rarely does a vehicle’s braking system stop without warning. That’s something that usually only happens in the movies. Signs that you need brake repair are obvious and usually very annoying. Here are some things you’ll notice:

  • You may find your brakes feel squishy when you depress them.
  • You may notice that your wheel vibrates or shakes when you come to a stop.
  • Your brakes may sound squeaky if the pads are worn. Damaged rotors or drums will often create a grinding or whirring sound.
  • Your parking brake may not work well.

If you notice any of these issues while driving, swing by your local AAMCO to have your brakes inspected.



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