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Battery Maintenance & Charging Services

A healthy vehicle is rooted in a well-maintained battery. More often than not, it’s battery issues that leave people stranded on the roadside—but that doesn’t have to be the case. AAMCO’s battery maintenance and charging services in and around Milpitas, CA, can help ensure that your vehicle’s performance stays up to scratch.

The AAMCO team will perform a through battery inspection, including connections, hardware, electrolyte level, case condition, and battery load. The brackets and connections, voltage, current, and alternator belts will also get a thorough check from our technicians to ensure that things stay running smoothly. A starter check will also be included in a battery inspection, as the starter and battery go hand-in-hand for getting your vehicle going and keeping it operational when you’re out and about. Once our team performs a thorough check, they’ll provide careful recommendations for vehicle maintenance and repair.

Regular battery checks are necessary because, unlike your oil or your engine, there is no alarm system to alert you when there’s a problem. Contact AAMCO in Milpitas, CA, today to schedule a battery maintenance checkup for yourself.



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